Flip An Wearable Smart Device on Your Ear

Unlike those smart watches and bands, the Flip is a wearable smart device on your ear. Like the idea? Let’s go on checking the ear ready wearable device.
Flip An Wearable Smart Device on Your Ear

The Flip is an innovative and versatile fitness tracker that fits your ear, and designed by Avantari Medical Technologies. As shown in the images, the ear-friendly fitness tracker sports an ultra compact and ergonomic design in order to offer a comfortable wearing experience, you even can forget is there something left on your ear. Using built-in sensors, the fitness tracker works as a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep analyzer, posture watcher, calorie measurement, and BMI calculator, and integrated Bluetooth technology allows it to communicate with your smartphone, so you can intuitively check tracking data via custom application. Apart from that, its touch sensors let you control your music playback, reject a call or even dial an emergency number with your fingers, and the fitness tracker is waterproof.
Flip An Wearable Smart Device on Your Ear Flip An Wearable Smart Device on Your Ear
At present the Flip fitness tracker is still a design concept. We believe it will become reality soon.

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