FLECTR 2.0 Ultra Light Wheel Reflector for Safe Riding at Night

The ultra light little pieces are designed to attach to the wheels of your bicycle for safe riding at night, and you can customize your FLECTR 2.0 wheel reflectors for a unique, eye-catching reflection effect.

FLECTR 2.0 Ultra Light Wheel Reflector

The FLECTR 2.0 is a simple and practical wheel reflector that works with all classic round and flat spokes of any diameter. As we can see Fromm the images, the spoke reflector shows off a sleek, ultra thin and compact design, and it only weighs 0.024 oz, so you won’t worry about the reflectors affecting the dynamic balance of the wheels. Meanwhile, FLECTR 2.0’s production only requires 5-10% of raw material, so it can save 90% plastic waste for environmental protection.

FLECTR 2.0 Ultra Light Wheel Reflector

The wheel reflector is foil-based and easy to assemble. All you need to do is just remove the foil carrier, center the reflector on the spike vertex and press both side panels together, and FLECTR 2.0 features thousands of retroreflective microprosms that more effectively reflect light back to its source in order to make you more visitable on the road at night. Moreover, you can also use multiple FLECTR pieces to form personalized visual effect on your bicycle’s wheels. Apart from these, the wheel reflector withstands every high-pressure cleaner.

FLECTR 2.0 Ultra Light Wheel Reflector

The FLECTR 2.0 has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $18 to preorder a set of 6 FLECTR 2.0 wheel reflectors. It will be shipped in November this year.

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