Fanmade Workable Laser Iron Man Glove

Following Iron Man helmet Bluetooth speaker, let’s have a look at the pretty cool fanmade creation, the dual laser Iron Man glove by Patrick Pribe.

Fanmade Workable Laser Iron Man Glove

Similar as original Iron Man glove from Stark Industries, the replica features two pretty cool workable laser launchers that fire blue 700mW laser and red 300mW laser respectively, and an hidden ejection weapon under its aluminum casing can launch an aluminum slug which may cause fatal damage on Ultron’s face, moreover, the two lasers can destroy your little brother’s balloons or leave some hot patterns on any wood. The skillful maker spent three week on finishing the Iron Man gauntlet. After the break, check out the following demo video. BTW, also don’t miss the highly detailed Iron Man costume with mechanical parts.

via CNET

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