Fallout Retro Radio Computer Case Mod

I have to admit I’m really into Fallout 3 these days again, also including various homemade replicas just like the following retro radio computer case mod from Wasteland.

Fallout Retro Radio Computer Case Mod

The retro radio shaped computer case mod is built by Robbaz, no doubt a big fan of Fallout video game series, for celebrating the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas. Just as we can see, a system unit is placed in the unique retro radio-shaped enclosure accenting a clear glass marked New Vegas logo and the iconic Pipboy, and green light effect representing radiation. Apart from that, the front knobs can adjust the speed of two fans set on the top of the retro radio instead of changing the station. After the break, check out the video of the Fallout styled retro radio computer case mod.

Of course, if you’re also a fan of Fallout, don’t ever miss the replicas of AER9 laser rifle and A3-21 plasma rifle from Fallout 3. Additionally, we have some incredible computer case mods such as the Warhammer 40K themed mod.

Fallout Retro Radio Computer Case Mod Source

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