Epomaker GK68XS Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with 3-Key Space Bar

Epomaker GK68XS Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is designed to fit both gaming and tying using fully programmable layout, and it features a customizable 3-key space bar design.Epomaker GK68XS Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with 3-Key Space Bar

The GK68XS is a 68-key compact Bluetooth mechanical keyboard that measures 320 x 115 x 31-22 mm (aluminum casing), and another model with plastic casing measures 310 x 110 x 32-24mm.

Both models deliver a sleek and compact from factor, while the aluminum version delivers a more durable construction with a premium feel.

The 68-key layout ensures it fits for both gaming and typing while giving a larger area for mouse movement.Epomaker GK68XS Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with 3-Key Space Bar

The compact wireless mechanical keyboard comes in Gateron or Cherry MX switches, and with hot-swappable design, you can effortlessly change the switches for a differernt typing experience.

The fully programmable design allows you to reprogram any key on the GK68XS by applying custom macros or adding layers. The 3-switch space bar can be converted into one space bar + FN2 and FN3 keys for enhanced productivity and flexibility.

With customizable 16.8M RGB LED colors, the backlit not only lets you type in the dark, but also syncs to your mood or preference with dynamic lighting effects.Epomaker GK68XS Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with 3-Key Space Bar

With Bluetooth 5.1 technology, the wireless mechanical keyboard works with laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with Bluetooth adapter. In addition, it supports wired connection with a USB-C port and included cable.

The crowdfunding campaign for GK68XS is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $95 or more to preorder one of the Bluetooth mechanical keyboards. All models will be shipped in August 2020.

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