Enegitech 4 USB AA Rechargeable Battery Pack

Enegitech USB AA rechargeable battery can be charged via a USB port so you will never need a dedicated charger for the AA battery. Like the idea? Let’s have a look.

Enegitech 4 USB AA Rechargeable Battery Pack

This is a practical and easy-to-use AA rechargeable battery that works with all devices powered by AA batteries. Unlike traditional AA batteries, it’s an Ni-Mh rechargeable battery, and each features 1450mAh battery capacity. Meanwhile, built-in PTC protection ensures high performance, suitable for wireless mice, keyboards, flashlights, game controllers, remote controls and more.

More importantly, the Ni-Mh AA battery comes equipped with an integrated USB port so that you can simply plug it in a USB port for charging. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge the USB AA rechargeable battery, and it supports over 1000 times charging. Moreover, a LED indicator has been built in the AA battery. When fully charged, the LED will change from red to blue. In addition, a special elastic connection rope keep the cover cap in place, and the rope is durable enough to resist over 1000 times of pulling without breaking.

Enegitech 4 USB AA Rechargeable Battery Pack

The 4 USB AA rechargeable battery pack is priced at $20.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its more details.

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