Elbow Ultra Compact Cassette Player

Forget your old bulky boombox. Elbow ultra compact cassette player will give you a more convenient way to enjoy those old-school cassette tapes. Cool? Let’s continue checking.

Elbow Compact Cassette Player

The Elbow is an innovative and unique music player that works with cassette tapes. As we can see from the images, the cassette player shows off an ultra compact form factor, and it even has no built-in cabin to load a cassette tape, so you can easily take it anywhere with you.

Elbow Compact Cassette Player

The cassette player features a unique biaxial arm that rotates in two directions – upward motion lets you insert a cassette, while sideways motion allows you to manually switch A and B sides. Using a single pulley, the cassette player drive the tape of your cassette, and an integrated optical sensor always tracks the tape speed in order to maintain constant playback rate for smooth music playback.

Furthermore, an integrated knob lets you handily control your music playback or adjust volume. In addition to playing music, the music player also has the ability to transfer audio from cassettes to a computer. Moreover, a built-in 3.5mm audio jack works with your earbuds and speakers.

Elbow Compact Cassette Player

The Elbow cassette player is still in the concept stage, but maybe it will become reality soon via the form of crowdfunding campaign. If you’re interested, jump to Elbow official site for its more details.

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