Ekke Hub Shares HiFi and Wireless Audio by Your Existing Headphones and Speakers

We have seen many nice wireless audio receivers, but ekke’s Hub may be more suitable for you if you want to share wireless HiFi audio by existing headphones or form a powerful audio system with multiple speakers.

Ekke Hub with Wireless Audio Receivers

The Hub is an innovative and social friendly HiFi, WiFi audio hub that comes in two models including Hub mini and Hub. The Hub mini is designed for 2 users, while the standard version is for 4 listeners. As we can see from the images, the wireless audio station shows off a minimalistic and sleek appearance that can decently stand beside your existing HDTV, Laptop, speaker system, or mobile device.

Ekke Hub with Wireless Audio Receivers

Using integrated 3.5mm/ AUX (RCA compatible) and TOSLINK optical inputs and WiFi, the audio hub can easily connect with those existing devices, and each hub comes with 2 or 4 wireless audio receivers. Just plugging your headphones, speaker in one of receivers, you can enjoy wireless, high-resolution 96kHz/ 24-bit audio, and other receivers can connect more speakers or headphones in order to deliver audio to your friends or family members. Furthermore, each receiver comes with an individual control panel that allows every listener to tailor personalized playback.

Ekke Hub with Wireless Audio Receivers

Moreover, using its custom app, you can control everything on your Android phone or iPhone, and smart parental controls let you monitor usage, set volume limiting, restrict content and more. In addition to headphones, the hub can also firm a powerful speaker system by connecting multiple speakers with the receivers.

The crowdfunding campaign for the hub is on going on Kickstarter. You can pledge $229 to preorder the wireless audio receiver hub ($169 for its mini version). Both models will be shipped in July next year.

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