Ehou Maki Sushi Paper Craft

We have Sushi pillows and Sushi USB flash drives. Now we need to make Sushi by ourselves, of course, it’s Sushi paper craft instead of real food.

Sushi Paper Craft

The unique Sushi is called Ehou Maki, a kind of thick-rolled sushi that is eaten to gain good luck during Setsubun no hi, bean-throwing festival, which represents the coming of spring, generally during yearly February 3 – 5. Making Ehou Maki need seven kinds of ingredients, because seven is lucky number in Japan. And you can’t also cut the long roll in order that your good luck can go through your stomach. Besides, when eating the long Sushi, you must face a special direction, and then silently eat it up. Note that, be careful not to choke. Of course, we don’t need seven materials, but some pieces of paper and glue to make the paper Sushi symbolizing good luck.

If you also want to make the unique Sushi papercraft, get the template back. Additionally, if you need other Sushi themed gadgets, you might like to check the Sushi pillows and Sushi USB drives.

Sushi Paper Craft Source

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