Driver 2-In-1 Cold-Drip & Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

Driver 2-in-1 cold-drip and cold-brew coffee maker allows you to use two methods to make cold coffee, and its unique design ensures it takes only 2 hours to make the perfect cold-drip coffee. Let’s have a look if you like the idea.Driver 2-In-1 Cold-Drip & Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

The Driver is a well-designed, versatile cold coffee maker that measures 29.5cm high by 10cm diameter. The cold-drip and cold-brew coffee maker delivers a sleek cylindrical form factor, and it consists of four main removable parts: upper water tank with up to 600ml volume, dispersion tray, coffee bracket and a bottom carafe. With a transparent design, the cold coffee maker lets you see how the cold drip works inside.

The cold-drip coffee maker features a patented coffee-basket design that allows water to drip evenly through 3 channels for better and faster absorption into the coffee, and the coffee bracket features 3 induvial sections to improve the water absorption and saturation.Driver 2-In-1 Cold-Drip & Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

Furthermore, an included removable laser-cut stainless steel filter allows for a smoother and more dispersed drip, and its adjustable flow-rate valve gives you precise control over the process. Moreover, it serves as a cold coffee brewer using an included removable fine-mesh accessory.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Driver is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $57 to preorder the cold-drip and cold-brew coffee maker. It will be shipped in November 2021.

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