DrinkMate Ultra Compact Smartphone Breathalyzer

DrinkMate, the AA battery like device connects with your smartphone and shows your blood alcohol content. Need the feature? Let’s keep going for the ultra compact smartphone breathalyzer.

DrinkMate Compact Smartphone Breathalyzer

The DrinkMate is a practical, ultra portable smartphone breathalyzer that works with both iOS and Android devices. The breathalyzer measures 0.6″ diameter by 1.9″ length, and as as we can see from the images, the DrinkMate delivers an AA battery-like appearance, and it’s even smaller than the cylindrical battery, so you can easily put it in your front pocket for easy carrying.

DrinkMate Compact Smartphone Breathalyzer

Using integrated Lightning or microUSB connector, the breathalyzer connects with your smartphone, and there is a custom designed air inlet at the end of DrinkMate, which is designed to slow and direct air perfectly to its built-in sensor in order that the breathalyzer accurately measures your DAC without direct contact, and all DAC data intuitively displays via its custom companion app. In addition, the smartphone breathalyzer is powered by your iPhone or Android, no batteries required.

DrinkMate Compact Smartphone Breathalyzer

The DrinkMate has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $35 to preorder the smartphone breathalyzer with Lightning or microUSB connector. Both models will be shipped in May this year. BTW, also don’t miss Alcohoot Edge smart breathalyzer and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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