Drinkie Self-Cleaning Pet Water Dispenser with No Filter Needed

Drinkie self-cleaning pet water dispenser is designed to deliver clean water to your pet anytime, and no filter design saves you some trouble on changing or cleaning filters.Drinkie Self-Cleaning Pet Water Dispenser with No Filter Needed

The Drinkie measures 362 x 175 x 274mm and weighs 2.5kg. As shown in the images, with the solid white exterior and smooth contours, the pet water fountain blends well in any interior setup. Meanwhile, the shallow, whisker-friendly dish and ideal height make your pet love drinking water.

The pet water dispenser delivers 106 oz (3L) fresh water storage and 35 oz (1L) waste water storage to provide sufficient water to your pet for up to 5 days. With app-enabled design, you can choose rinsing mode between schedule and intelligent. The schedule mode allows you to set how often and exactly what time Drinkie should rinse the dish automatically, while the intelligent mode allows it to self-clean and refill fresh water for your pet intelligently.Drinkie Self-Cleaning Pet Water Dispenser with No Filter Needed

Moreover, the app alerts you when the water in the dispenser is about to finish. You can also monitor your pet’s drinking habits and the status of the water dispenser. In addition, the Drinkie comes equipped with backup batteries, so even if the electricity suddenly goes out, the batteries can keep it working for up to a week.

The crowdfunding campaign for Drinkie is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $99 to preorder the self-cleaning pet water dispenser. It will be shipped in January 2021.

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