Dorai Mold-Free Self-Drying Dish Rack and Pad

Using Diatomaceous Earth. Dorai self-drying dish rack and pad prevent mold and bacteria. Like the idea? Let’s keep checking.

Dorai Mold-Free Self-Drying Dish Rack and Pad

Dorai dish rack and dish pad feature Diatomaceous Earth, or grass of the sea, a naturally occurring mineral that’s made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms. When moisture hits the surface of the rack or pad, the material attracts and binds bacteria and parasites, causing them to dry out and die. Meanwhile, the water rapidly evaporates from the surface through millions of pores, achieving self-drying result.

Dorai Mold-Free Self-Drying Dish Rack and Pad

Furthermore, the dish rack has a built-in cutting board holder, and using add-on accessories, you can customize it to fit your demands. Moreover, the anti-stink dish pad also features mesh silicone to protect dishes and improve airflow, and the foldable design allows it to accommodate small spaces.

Dorai mold-free self-drying dish rack and pad have been available for preorder via the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. We can pledge $39/$69 to preorder the self-drying dish pad or rack. Both models will be shipped in December this year.

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