DIY Keychain-sized Mini Game Console Runs NES, SNES and GBA Games

Like those vintage games and DIY? Then you may like to build a keychain-sized mini game console, and it has the ability to run HES, SNES and GBA games.

DIY Keychain-sized Mini Game Console

Vincent Buso, an engineer-like YouTuber designed and built the awesome open source mini game console named Keymu. The creation measures only 42 x 46 x 17mm. With the help of the compact form factor, he can effortlessly attach the emulation console to his keychain. The foldable design securely protects its 1.5″ 128×128 color OLED screen when not in use.

DIY Keychain-sized Mini Game Console

The mini game console is powered by Intel Edison, a tiny board computer, which ensures it’s capable of smoothly supporting multiple emulators, so you can use the handheld game device to play various video games from NES, SNES, GBA and Game Boy Color. Moreover, other necessary components also include 220mAh rechargeable battery, 11.7mm speaker, LEDs and custom PCB. More importantly, similar with the DIY handheld game console, the project is open source, and Vincent has unveiled detailed making steps and item list, which helps you make your own Keymu mini game console. Cool? Head to Hackaday for more detailed description.

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