Diablo 3 The Wizard Further Detailed Trailer

It’s already May. Diablo 3 is around the corner. Following former four classes, Blizzard released the Wizard further detailed trailer. If you like the powerful AOE class, let’s go on checking.

Diablo 3 The Wizard Further Detailed Trailer

The Wizard is a powerful spell caster class in the universe of Diablo 3. The class features various offensive spells with stunning visual effects, and unlike the Barbarian, the armor of spell caster class is very weak, so don’t let him/her too close to evil monsters. The frequently-used skills include Wave of Force, Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Arcane Orb, Electrocute, Energy Twister, Disintegrate, Explosive Blast, Ray of Frost, Frost Nova, Ice Armor, Diamond Skin, Glass Cannon, Illusionist, Blur and more. After the break, check out the following trailer.

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