De Markies Camping Trailer Triples Its Size with Foldable Awnings

There are many excellent campers on the market, but if you want a more ample and comfortable mobile living space, the De Markies camping trailer will be a perfect solution.

De Markies Camping Trailer

De Markies is an award-winning camping trailer designed by Böhtlingk, a Dutch architecture studio. Unlike those regular teardrop shaped campers, the camping trailer looks a bit like a small container. It just measures 2m x 4.5m, so it can be towed by various vehicles for a great camping trip. When arriving its destination, its two sides can be folded flat in order to expand the floorspace threefold in a matter of seconds. No doubt, De Markies has the ability to deliver a more ample and comfortable living space than any current available camping trailer.

De Markies Camping Trailer

The camper comes equipped with four foldable beds on one side that fit for a family of 4-5, and multiple hidden storage areas accommodate all your travel essentials. Another side is designed to be a lounge area with chairs and a table that allow you to comfortably enjoy your favorite beverage and natural landscape, and its two collapsible awnings protect you from severe weather. Moreover, the kitchen, bathroom and dining room are arranged in the center part, so the center area is always ready to serve you no mater you’re on the road or the camper has been set up on the ground. Unfortunately, the camping trailer is just an unavailable prototype at present. If you need a few available options, you may like to check GS teardrop camping trailer and more cool stuff by following tags.

De Markies Camping Trailer De Markies Camping Trailer De Markies Camping Trailer

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