Cute Plush Toy Bear Reading Twitter Messages

Apparently this is uncommon plush toy bear, because the cute bear can loudly read out your Twitter messages received by the iPhone connecting with it.

Cute Plush Toy Bear Reading Twitter Messages

The cute plush bear comes from Japan, and it’s designed for iPhone. With the help of exclusive iPhone app, the connected toy bear with iPhone can clearly read the received tweets. Its manufacturer also shown us a demo video (check the source link at the bottom of the post). Undoubtedly the clever bear can speak Japanese. But we have no idea whether the bear also know English well.

The cute toy bear is priced at 2,200 yen (about 28 USD). We found it at Amazon Japan. But it seems the bear had lost much hair. If you want one, please contact a Japanese gadgets supplier such GeekStuff4U or Rinkya.

By the way, here is another a bit similar gadget but running on PC.

Cute Plush Toy Bear Reading Twitter Messages

Via Device touching the source of Cute Plush Toy Bear Reading Twitter Messages

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