Custom Built Light Cycle from Tron Legacy

Have you remembered those guys who built the Batman’s Batpod? Now they come back with their incredible custom built Light Cycle, which appeared in the Disney film Tron Legacy.

Custom Built Tron Legacy Light Cycle

Just as we see, the custom motorcycle is a perfect replica of Light Cycle from Tron Legacy. But unlike their another motorcycle Batpod, the real version Light Cycle comes with a manufacturers build sheet and a certificate of title with purchase. It means you can legally drive the Light Cycle on the open road. according to the buyers, each Light Cycle will equip with a high powered electric motor or a high performance gasoline motor and transmission. The white glowing lights are produced through those neon lights behind frosted plexiglass that allows you to turn on or off freely.

Custom Built Tron Legacy Light Cycle

Want to become a great cool biker just like Sam Flynn in Tron Legacy? Undoubtedly you will pay a lovely fee. $3,5000 is the starting price of the custom built motorcycle. Jump to eBay for full details.

By the way, if you can’t afford the luxury custom motorcycle, you might like to check these same wonderful Tron Legacy Light Cycle and action figures.

Custom Built Tron Legacy Light Cycle
Custom Built Tron Legacy Light Cycle

Custom Built Tron Legacy Light Cycle Source

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