Clean-tech Air Sanitizer with UVC Light

Using built-in medical grade UVC light, Clean-tech air sanitizer not only purifies indoor air, but also sterilizes it to create a more healthy indoor environment. Let’s keep checking if you like the design.Clean-tech Air Sanitizer with UVC Light

The Clean-tech is an innovative and practical 2-in-1 air sanitizer that fits in a living space up to 200sq ft. As shown in the images, the air purifier delivers a minimal and elegant apperance design. With the solid white exterior and smooth detailing, it’s compliant to any interior style. Meanwhile, the compact, upright design ensures it only takes up a small footprint.

The UVC air purifier features a 2-step purifying system that consists of an HEPA 10 air filter and UVC sanitizer. Step one, the Clean-tech remove larger particles and allergens using a built-in replaceable HEPA 10 air filter. Step two, the air will flow into the purifying chamber with 24W 254nm UVC bulb, and the inner wall has been coated with ReflectTech mirror coating, so all air flowing through inside will be sterilized, and the coating also prevents particles from attaching to the sides of the chamber.Clean-tech Air Sanitizer with UVC Light

Moreover, the air sanitizer has 2 modes: full power and low power, and the HEPA filter will last 6-12 months based on the usage.

The crowdfunding campaign for Clean-tech is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $199 to preorder the air sanitizer with UVC light. It will be shipped in January 2021.

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