Circa Smart Alarm Clock Doubles a Wireless Speaker

Using an individual sensor the Circa smart alarm clock tracks your sleep and wakes you up at the right time every morning, and it doubles as a wireless speaker. Like the idea? Let’s continue checking.

Circa Smart Alarm Clock with Wireless Speaker

The Circa is an advanced and multi-functional smart alarm clock that measures 6.57 x 6.26 x 3.07 inches and weighs 1.76 lbs. As shown in the images, the smart alarm shows off a simple and elegant aesthetic style, and three optional colors allow it to meet different personal preferences. Meanwhile, using the portable form factor you can easily place it on your nightstand, desk, or any place in your room.

The smart alarm clock features a custom thin sensor that can be set underneath your mattress to measure your movement and respiration to understand your sleep cycles, so based on the tracking data, it provides you with insights and feedback that help you adjust and improve sleep.

Circa Smart Alarm Clock with Wireless Speaker

Based on your sleep data, the smart alarm can find the best time to remind you of going to bed or wake you up in the morning. Using soothing sounds, white, pink or brown noise, the Circa also helps you fall asleep faster. Its Breathing Assistant emits a slowly pulsing light that helps you calm your body down before sleep. Using Triggi the Circa can connect to your smart home and interact with other smart home devices like Nest, Hue and more.

Moreover, the Circa doubles as a Bluetooth WiFi speaker, and it also features DAB+, HD Radio, Internet radio and Spotify, so you can use it to listen to your favorite music. Of course, it can wake you up with music. In addition, other features also include 5.5″ AMOLED display and 3000mAh rechargeable battery.

The team behind Circa is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter, so we can pledge €159 (approx US$185) to preorder the smart alarm clock. If reaching its fund goal, the Circa will be shipped in June 2018.

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