Catson Automatic Cat Litter Box with UV Sanitizer

Catson automatic cat litter box gives you an unattended way to collect your cat’s waste, and built-in UV sanitizer prevents it from being a hub of bacteria and germs. Let’s keep checking if you like the design.Catson Automatic Cat Litter Box with UV Sanitizer

The Catson is an innovative and easy-to-use cat litter box that measures 25.78 x 25.27 x 23.81 inches and weighs 17.6 lbs. As shown in the images, the cat litter box looks like a futuristic space capsule, and the streamline contours and white-and-black exterior allow it compliant to different interior styles.

With a spacious chamber, the litter box is perfect for cats of all sizes, and the appropriate distance (0.6 inches) between the ground and the entrance allows all cats can easily step into the chamber.Catson Automatic Cat Litter Box with UV Sanitizer

The chamber of the cat litter box is rotatable. When your cat left the unit, it will start to rotate (2 minutes) to ensure no litter is left in the chamber. And the kitty clumps can be deposited into a waste drawer equipped with a carbon-filter to control odors, and the drawer only needs to be emptied every 5 days.

Furthermore, the automatic cat litter box features built-in UV sanitizer to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria in the chamber. The Catson also comes equipped with 4 gravity sensors and one microwave sensor, so when the cat approaches the litter box, any movement will stop automatically. After the cat leaves, a new cleaning cycle will begin.Catson Automatic Cat Litter Box with UV Sanitizer

The crowdfunding campaign for Catson is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $199 to preorder the automatic cat litter box. It will be shipped in February 2021.

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