Butterply CNC Crafted Multifunctional Plywood Desk with Interchangeable Functional Modules

Using interchangeable functional modules, and Butterply CNC crafted multifunctional plywood desk brings more features on the desktop, and adjustable height enables it to perfectly fit for every user.

Butterply Plywood Desk with Functional Modules

The Butterply is a multi functional, CNC crafted plywood desk that comes in four sizes. Three sizes are designed to stand on the floor, while the smallest model is a standing desk that fits on one of the three models or your own desk. All the four models are made with sustainable plywood and are resistant to temperature and moisture fluctuations. Meanwhile, minimal profile and natural wood grain allow the desk to blend well with the style of your interior decoration.

Butterply Plywood Desk with Functional Modules

The plywood desk features a sophisticated joinery system that allows you to easily assemble the table without using any screw within one minute, and its smart legs can be extended into 4 different incremental height options that fit for different users. Furthermore, the plywood desk also features multiple flexible modules including cable management, customized book stand, iPad and iPhone stand with 2 angles, stationary holder and coin tray, so you can add more functions to your Butterply based on your demands, and more modules will be released.

Butterply Plywood Desk with Functional Modules

The crowdfunding campaign for Butterply is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can preorder one of the plywood stands in four sizes by pledging $79, $189, $289 or $429 USD. All models will be shipped in December this year.

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