Build Your Own Canoe with Duct Tape and PVC Pipes

Like making something by yourself? Then take a look at the homemade canoe built with duct tape abs PVC pipes. It may be a nice DIY project.

Homemade Canoe Built with Duct Tape and PVC Pipes

Marc Gyver, a French YouTuber built the amazing boat at home. The passionate crafter used ten 20mm pvc pipes to create and reinforce the frame of the canoe, and the frame was covered by 50mm duct tape and treated with two layers in order to make it floatable. Moreover, the top has also covered by duct tape to prevent it from filling with water from the front and rear, while a sheet of foam on the bottom is designed for boater.

Homemade Canoe Built with Duct Tape and PVC Pipes

The crafter pottered on a river with the canoe for 4 hours. From the following, the homemade canoes is workable, but it should be improved for better balance, and the boat is too light to support a strong man. Anyway, the canoe only costs $15. You can absolutely try to made a better one using Marc’s idea. Why not? After the break, check out the following video and images, or jump to instructables for detailed steps.

Homemade Canoe Built with Duct Tape and PVC Pipes

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