Build A Wooden Hut on Wheels by Yourself

We featured a tiny home that can be placed anywhere you want, but apparently not everyone can afford the luxury home, so we found out the wooden hut on wheels. You may like to build one by yourself.

Build A Wooden Hut on Wheels by Yourself

Wulbert, an Instructables member built the amazing hut on wheels. As shown in the images, the mobile hut features a simple yet elegant design and it’s built on an old trailer that costs £75 GBP for mobility, but due to heavy use of natural wood, the hut weights at around 1200kg, and according to the crafter, the hit will be used as a quiet retreat in a garden to do art, crafts and relax. No doubt, the internal sliding bed, stove and chair can deliver him a peaceful and comfortable environment to rest. Of course, the wooden hut on the wheels is just a reference. If you wish, you can use lighter materials to build your own mobile hut. After the break, jump to Wulbert’s Instructables page for full steps.

Build A Wooden Hut on Wheels by Yourself

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