Bug Out Backpack Ready for Your Camping Trip

It’s the right time for an amazing camping trip, but don’t forget to prepare all needed supplies including a rugged bag such as the following Bug Out backpack.

Bug Out Backpack Ready for Your Camping Trip

The Bug Out Bag is available in three models based on different purposes, including Alpha, Delta, and Omega. The Alpha is a black sling bag with an ambidextrous shoulder strap. The bag has a 8″ x 12″ x 4″ main interior compartment to hold your essentials, and it also comes with numerous accessories including directional liquid filled compass, UST Find Me light stick, emergency blanket measuring 55″ x 87″, Nitecore tube keylight, ParaKnife with 3″ blade and integrated fire starter on the handle, moreover, its survival basic kit and first aid kit contain bandages, antiseptic, antibiotic, burn cream, sting relief, tinder, waterproof matches, whistle, and etc.

Bug Out Backpack Ready for Your Camping Trip

The Delta and Omega are two tactical backpacks. As two premium models, the two bags has larger main interior compartments to hold your more stuff, and in addition to a first aid kit and almost all tools for the Alpha, the two backpacks also come with a more functional survival ultimate kit including Gerber mini multi-tool, fishing kit, sewing kit, waxed thread, survival blanket and etc. Furthermore, their solar power pack with 2800mAh backup battery and 100mA solar panel conveniently charges your mobile devices on the go, and the backpacks feature two longer machetes (10″ blade for Delta and 12″ black carbon steel blade for Omega). Apart from that, the two packs also contains foldable and tempered steel blade with teeth, canteen, tactical LED flashlight and emergency rescue knife to serve you during your camping trip.

Bug Out Backpack Ready for Your Camping Trip

The three Bug Out bags cost $99.99, $219.99, and $279.99 respectively. If you like them, jump to ThinkGeek for their more details. Additionally, if you want more options, you may like to check BirkSun Boost solar backpack and more related stuff by following tags.

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