Brik Wall Tiles Let Us Build LEGO Creations on the Wall

Brik LEGO compatible wall tiles let us build awesome LEGO creations on the wall. The only limitation is the number of your LEGO bricks. Ready to start a great LEGO project on the wall? Let’s keep going.

Brik Wall Tiles Support LEGO, KRE-O and Mega Bloks

The Brik wall tile is an innovative and pretty fun creative gadget designed to offer a simple way to bring your beautiful and practical LEGO creations on the wall. In other words, it’s a vertical building plate, and in addition to its included Brik bricks, the wall tiles are compatible with LEGO bricks, KRE-O and Mega Bloks.

Brik Wall Tiles Support LEGO, KRE-O and Mega Bloks

A Brik Tile set comes with two wall tiles. Each one measures 10 x 10 inches, and it’s backed with a temporary adhesive which can be applied multiple times to almost any smooth surface, and unlike normal building plates, the wall tiles can be attached next to each other directly with ease, so you can easily create a huge building plate on the wall for your ambitious LEGO projects such as a LEGO poster set, LEGO wall shelf, LEGO wall organizer and more.

Furthermore, included Brik Clips are designed to keep your art work, photos, cables, keys or other items in place. No too many LEGO bricks? No problem, each structure kit also contains enough building bricks to build one of these models including pen holder, business card holder, small shelf and more.

Brik Wall Tiles Support LEGO, KRE-O and Mega Bloks

The crowdfunding campaign for Brik Tile is ongoing via Kickstarter. You can pledge $15 or more to preorder one of its numerous building packs. All the packs will be shipped in October this year. BTW, also don’t miss Brik Books Build-On MacBook cover and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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