Braza Bro Cleaver EDC Mini Pocket Knife

Using a Wharncliffe style blade Braza Bro Cleaver EDC mini pocket knife delivers an ideal balance between stylish look and functionality.

Braza Bro Cleaver EDC Mini Pocket Knife

Braza Bro Cleaver is a beautifully crafted and practical folding pocket knife that measures 2.75 inches long (4.77 inches long when opened) and weighs 1.48 oz (1.34 oz for titanium model). As we can see from the images, the foldable knife sports an ultra compact form factor. With a removable deep carry pocket clip or integrated keychain and lanyard hole, you can effortlessly take it with you wherever you go. Meanwhile, the ergonomic handle is built with titanium or stainless steel for a solid and durable construction.

Braza Bro Cleaver EDC Mini Pocket Knife

The EDC mini pocket knife comes equipped with a Wharncliffe style blade that offers good looks and excellent functionality, and the almost straight edge makes it good for carving and slicing. The blade comes in two metal options: S35VN stainless steel and D2 tool steel. The S35VN delivers a no maintenance blade, while the D2 steel blade is harder and sharper.

Braza Bro Cleaver EDC Mini Pocket Knife

Moreover, its spine jumping delivers several notches on the spine of the blade near the handle for enhanced grip, safety and cutting precision. Its flipper is completely manual in operation with no spring and no assist for quick opening. When opened, it acts as a finger guard. In addition, the ultra-strong frame lock is secure and easy to release using only one hand.

The team behind Braza Bro Cleaver is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $34/$59 to preorder the EDC mini pocket knife. It will be shipped in January 2019.

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