BlueLounge Soba Cable Organizer

How many cables are under your desk? Need a convenient way to manage those tangled cables? Take a look at BlueLounge’s Soba cable organizer, it may be a nice solution.

BlueLounge Soba Cable Organizer

The Soba is a powerful cable organization system that contains multiple different parts, including 10 feet of Vortex tube, 2 end caps, 3 mounting caps, 1 Y-split, 1 Vortex zipper tool and 5 rubber bands. The Vortex tube is able to hold three cables, and its Vortex zipper tool allows you to easily open the tube, so you can conveniently put your cables into the tube, and using its Y-split, you can arrange two different routes for the cables. Apart from that, three mounting caps with adhesive backing allows you to attach your vortex tube onto the wall or desk.

BlueLounge Soba Cable Organizer

The Soba cable organizer is priced at $24.95 USD. If you’re interested, jump to BlueLounge Amazon shop for more details or check out the following demo video first.

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