BlackBerry Concept Phone with Wrap Around Screen

How to switch between multiple applications under multitasking of your smartphone? Close one, opening another? The following BlackBerry concept phone with wrap around screen will deal with multiple apps in a new way.

BlackBerry Concept Phone with Wrap Around Screen

John Anastasiadis designed the BlackBerry concept phone. As we can see from the images, the concept smartphone features an innovative wrap around screen for separate workspaces and/or a more three-dimensional interaction. This means you can simultaneously use two applications on the two sides of the curved screen, maybe you can also swipe the app from front screen to the back with ease. The front and back cameras are positioned underneath the screens. When needed, the area around the lens becomes transparent. Unfortunately the smartphone is just a design concept, and apparently it’s not easy to become a real product even though very useful for business and entertainment.

BlackBerry Concept Phone with Wrap Around Screen

Source: Yanko Design

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