Biovessel is an Indoor Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste

Do you know that 7% greenhouse gas per year comes from decomposing food waste? How to change the fact? Take a look at Biovessel, the indoor ecosystem powered by food waste may be an ideal solution.

Biovessel Indoor Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste

The Biovessel is an innovative and convenient solution that helps you decompose food waste and turn it into useful organic fertilizer. The indoor ecosystem measures 22.5 x 45 x 15cm, and it’s designed inspired by nature, so the container shows off a unique and irregular appearance, and its solid white body and natural wood cap allow it to blend well with any interior style.

In natural environment, soil, earthworms, water and light work together to decompose organic matter gradually over time. The Biovessel is designed to bring the natural ecosystem into your house, so you need a mix of approx 7 liters of humus and sawdust soil and 500-600g of composting worms to activate the indoor ecosystem.

Biovessel Indoor Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste

Using its nature-based contours and wooden cap with air holes, Biovessel ensures the earthworms in the vessel efficiently decompose your food waste. All you need to do is collect removed bits from food ingredients with an included waste container, put them into the food waste inlet hole, and spray adequate amount of water into its organic fertilizer outlet hole, finally put all caps back and wait for discomposing the food waste.

The Biovessel supports various food waste including leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, grass & garden clippings, tea bags and brown paper as well as black & white newspaper. After discomposed, the food waste becomes nutrients that can be used to nourish new life.

Biovessel Indoor Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste

The crowdfunding campaign for Biovessel is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $154 to preorder the indoor ecosystem. It will be shipped in February 2017.

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