Bentsai B10 Mini Printer with WiFi Connectivity

With WiFi connectivity and handheld design, Bentsai B10 mini printer lets you effortlessly print out logos, barcodes and more designs on various surfaces. Let’s have a look if you like the idea.Bentsai B10 Mini Printer with WiFi Connectivity

The B10 measures 110 x 40 x 90mm and weighs 195g. With the compact and lightweight design, it’s easy to carry around. Meanwhile, the textured sides let you comfortably keep the mini printer in your hand for printing.

With WiFi connectivity, the handheld portable printer wirelessly connects to your smartphone so that you can use its companion app to edit and transmit content to the printer including QR code, barcode, text, picture, icon, expire date, consecutive number and much more.Bentsai B10 Mini Printer with WiFi Connectivity

Furthermore, the B10 handheld printer supports printing on rough, curved and uneven surfaces, and with 5 roller design, it delivers printing speed up to 500mm/sec. The mini printer uses erasable ink. By alcohol spray, you can easily erase the ink on any smooth surface, so it’s pretty useful to switch festival vibes by printing different patterns on the same item. Meanwhile, it’s available in widely ink color options from black, cyan, magenta, yellow, green, white and invisible.

Moreover, the ink is fast dry and waterproof, so you don’t worry about losing your mark anymore, and using 300 small nozzles built in the cartridge, it delivers 600DPI resolution. Using invisible ink, it even allows you to print anti-counterfeiting pattern on surface. In addittion, built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 3 hours of working time between charges.

The crowdfunding campaign is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $229 to preorder the mini printer. It will be shipped in November 2021.

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