Bedol Eco-friendly Clock Powered by Water

As usual, when we talk about eco-friendly gadgets, most of us would think the solar powered charger or something else. But now we’ll talk about an unique Bedol Clock.

Bedol Eco-friendly Clock Powered by Wather

I feel ashamed that the Bedol clock is the first clock powered by water which I’ve seen. It makes me remember the first cell phone powered by Coca-Cola, of course which still stays in the stage of design concept. Wll, let’s return, although the clock is called eco-friendly water powered clock, it seems to still have some little limits. We have to add a splash of natural lemon juice into the water in order to product necessary universal solvent that can support the clock about 8 – 12 weeks running time. And moreover, the built-in memory chip can effectively keep the clock from telling you a wrong time.

Bedol Eco-friendly Clock Powered by Wather

Undoubtedly, Bedol Clock is an eco-friendly green gadget. Compare with solar powered clock, the water-powered clock need to add the water and lemon juice. Of course if you feel it’s a pleasure, it will become a problem. Bedol Clock is priced at $16 USD. You can get it from the official website. Besides, you also can find Bedol alarm clock valued at $29 USD.

Bedol Eco-friendly Clock Powered by Wather

Bedol Eco-friendly Clock Powered by Wather Source

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