Bearbot is a Cute Emotive Universal Remote

The cute desktop bear allows us to handily control various home devices with gestures, and his emotive expressions bring some fun on the desk.

Adorable Bearbot Emotive Universal Remote

The Bearbot is a pretty adorable and versatile universal remote. As we can see from the images, the remote looks like a cartoonish bear that highlights his cute ears and puffy belly, and an integrated 1.44″ TFT screen shows his emotions by different expressions. Meanwhile, compact design allows you to easily deploy your Bearbot anywhere in your house.

Adorable Bearbot Emotive Universal Remote

Using built-in infrared, Bluetooth, radio, and ZigBee, the universal remote has the ability to establish communication with various appliances like TV, laptop, cell phone, air condition, shutters, light bulbs and more, and thanks to a 3D gesture controller, the cute bear is able to detect your gestures, so you can conveniently control your devices by your gestures. Moreover, Bearbot always displays the logo of the appliance you’re about to control, and an optional mini Bearbot without TFT screen works as a relay that expands the infrared range between Bearbot and your appliance.

Adorable Bearbot Emotive Universal Remote

The Bearbot has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. You can pledge €98 (approx US$110.5) to preorder the cute universal remote and a mini Bearbot relay. The bundle will be shipped in August 2017.

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