Batteroo ReBoost Battery Sleeves Improve Rechargeable Batteries

By adding Batteroo ReBoost battery sleeves to rechargeable batteries you can make the batteries work well with the devices that only support alkaline, and the sleeves improve the performance of the battery.

Batteroo ReBoost Rechargeable Battery Sleeves

The Batteroo ReBoost is an innovative and practical battery sleeve series that contains two models: SmartSleeve and SmartShell. As we can see from the images, the SmartSleeve features an ultra-thin and firm-fitting design that allows it to work with AAA, AA, C and D regular rechargeable batteries and fit in your devices.

Batteroo ReBoost SmartSleeve Rechargeable Battery Sleeves

The SmartShell is an innovative battery adapter that allows you to use your AA/AAA rechargeable batteries in C/D alkaline-only devices.

Batteroo ReBoost SmartShell Rechargeable Battery Sleeves

Both SmartSleeve and SmartShell feature built-in microchip that can be used to boost the voltage of your rechargeable battery to 1.5 volts, so your rechargeable batteries will be able to handle all alkaline-only applications. Meanwhile, built-in automatic shut off circuit prevents the device from discharging the battery to an unsafe level that can ruin the battery and damage your device. In addition, the built-in microchip not only prevents dangerous discharge, but also improve the performance of your rechargeable batteries by regulating voltage at a safe level.

The team behind Batteroo ReBoost is raising crowdfund for the products via Indiegogo. We can pledge $55 to preorder a set with all SmartSleeve and SmartShell battery sleeves in different sizes. The bundle is expected to be shipped in March 2018.

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