Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Batman, the star superhero has been ready to serve you breakfast, including an egg and two slices of unique toast. Sounds cool? Let’s go on for the Batman egg cup and toast cutter.

Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

This is an officially licensed set of egg holder and toast cutter inspired by Batman. As we can see from the images, the egg cup is designed based on the well-received superhero and shows off those iconic details from the superhero from Gotham City. When it hold an egg, the egg cup delivers you an adorable egg-shaped Batman. With a matching spoon, the hero will dutifully guard the delicious egg for you. Moreover, the toast cutter features two Batman-logo-shaped openings that help you prepare a Batman-themed breakfast.

Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

The set of DC Comics Batman egg cup and toast cutter is priced at £7.99 (approx $11.88 USD). If you like it, head to Amazon for more details. Additionally, don’t miss the UFO shaped egg cup and more by clicking the following tags.

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