Ball-Tab Magnetic Power Strip

Using magnetic connection ball-tab power strip allows you to rotate every connected plug. Like the design? Let’s keep checking.

Ball-Tab Magnetic Power Strip

Sungick Jo, So Young Kim and Juhee Kim, three Korean designers came up with the innovative concept design named ball-tab. The surge protector is inspired by the eggs placed on an egg plate, so it features four spherical socket units, while the egg plate inspired power strip features a slim and minimalistic appearance design, and four custom cradles are designed to hold the four ball-shaped sockets. Using the ball hinge design, you can easily rotate the four outlets, preventing them from being interfered each other, and the innovative design significantly reduces the inconvenience of re-plugging or re-inserting the plug. Unfortunately, the magnetic power strip is an unavailable design concept. After the break, check out the images about ball-tab.

Ball-Tab Magnetic Power Strip Ball-Tab Magnetic Power Strip Ball-Tab Magnetic Power Strip

Source: Behance

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