Avensi Double-Walled Coffee Glasses

Using unique design Avensi double-walled coffee glasses maximize your coffee’s taste, aroma and flavor. Like the idea? Let’s continue checking.

Avensi Double-Walled Coffee Glasses

The Avensi is an innovative, coffee-friendly glass series that contains three different models: Vida, Senti and Alto. As shown in t images, the streamlined contours and clear body deliver a minimal and elegant appearance design. Meanwhile, the geometry inspired design lets you comfortably keep it in your hand.

Avensi coffee glasses feature a combination of single wall and double walls, so it keeps your coffee hot for a long time while allowing you to sense the coffee’s temperature through the single wall. The unique form factor allows you to swirl and actively cool your coffee so that you can experience a new range of flavors.

Avensi Double-Walled Coffee Glasses

Moreover, the three Avensi models are designed to provide different attributes. The Vida enhances and balances overall flavor, and it directs coffee to the front of your tongue. The Senti maximizes aroma and enhances body, and it directs coffee to the center of your tongue, while the Alto enhances body and fruity avidity, and it directs coffee to the top and sides of your tongue, so you can choose based on different purposes or preferences.

The crowdfunding campaign for Avensi is ongoing via Kickstarter. We can pledge $69 to preorder an Avensi complete set including Vida, Senti and Alto coffee glasses. The set will be shipped in January 2019.

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