Auroma One App-Enabled Smart Coffee Maker Provides You Full Control for Your Brewing

Built-in WiFi connectivity allows Auroma One to join in your local network, and using custom app, the smart coffee machine brings full brewing control on your smartphone. Cool? Let’s keep going.

Auroma One App-Enabled Smart Coffee Maker

The Auroma One is an advanced, app-enabled coffee maker that works with your iOS or Android devices. As we can see from the images, the coffee machine shows off a unique, elegant and portable design in order to decently stand on your stylish table or kitchen countertop, meanwhile, its metal body boasts durable construction and charming metallic luster for a premium look.

Auroma One App-Enabled Smart Coffee Maker

As an all-in-one coffee machine, Auroma One features almost all parts which you need to brew your favorite coffee including water reservoir, built-in heating chamber, brewing chamber, and an optional grinder. And one brewing can bring you 4 cups of coffee

Furthermore, as a smart coffee maker, Auroma One features built-in WiFi connectivity in order that you can use your smartphone to completely control your every brewing, and its custom app provides you multiple adjustable parameters which help you tailor refined coffee including temperature, weight of water and coffee, and more. Moreover, using the custom app, you can also sync your brewing with your alarm, and when the beans run low, it alerts you via your smartphone.

Auroma One App-Enabled Smart Coffee Maker

In addition, the coffee machine comes with an inline metal filter and it’s compatible with kalita paper filters or disk and metal filter. And the optional grinder perfectly works with the coffee maker and provides you extra level of control.

Auroma One App-Enabled Smart Coffee Maker

The crowdfunding campaign for Auroma One is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $399 to preorder the smart coffee machine with an optional grinder. It will be shipped in October next year.

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