Archos Smart Home System Announced

Archos has unveiled its latest smart home system. If you want a convenient way to monitor your house, the Smart Home system may be a nice solution.

Archos Smart Home System Announced

The Smart Home is an all-around smart home system designed to offer you a comprehensive way to control and monitor your appliances. The smart home system consists of multiple smart devices, including Smart Plug, Weather Tag, Movement Tag, Motion Ball, Mini Cam and Smart Home Tablet. Using one or more smart plugs you can easily turn your appliances into smart devices, and built-in WiFi connectivity lets your appliances join in your local network in order that you can use custom designed application to control and monitor your devices via your smartphone, while its movement and weather tags monitor movement and temperature or humidly level in your house, and sending you notifications for any change, apart from that, you can also set various smart rules for your appliances.

Archos Smart Home System Announced

At present Archos hasn’t unveiled the pricing and release date of the smart home system, but If you’re interested, jump to Archos official site for more details.

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