Antenn-aid: Exclusive Band-aid for iPhone 4

No doubt, the solution by Steve Jobs is fail. So we have to search some effective ways to address the iPhone 4 reception problem such as Antenn-aid, an exclusive iPhone 4 band-aid.

Antenn-aid: Exclusive Band-aid for iPhone 4

Apparently it’s not an adhesive bandage with a gauze pad for your wounded iPhone 4. Actually Antenn-aid is made of vinyl material. Once you stick it on the lower left corner of the antenna, it’ll keep you from touching the antenna, addressing the iPhone 4 reception problem.

Antenn-aid: Exclusive Band-aid for iPhone 4

Antenn-aid iPhone 4 sticker is available in priced at six colors, including gray, light-gray, green, blue, peach, purple. Each one costs $4.99 USD. If you like the fun sticker, jump to Etsy for more details.

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