Antbo is a Programmable Insect Robot Assembled by Yourself

The all parts of Antbo need you to assemble by yourself, and you can not only use your phone to remotely control the insect robot, but also program it with your own code. Cool? Let’s keep going.

Antbo Programmable Insect Robot

The Antbo is an affordable, advanced and pretty fun app-enabled insect robot that measures 223 x 125 x 152mm and weights 209g. As we can see from the images, the robot looks like a white polypod insect, and what you will receive is the kit of the robotic insect, so you need to spend less than an hour on assembling your Antbo, which teaches you the basic principles of robotics.

Antbo Programmable Insect Robot

When assembled, the Antbo can be remotely controlled by your smartphone and your voice, and its “path control mode” allows the robot to follow the path which you draw on Antbo app. Meanwhile, the robot is programmable. Using WhenDo and Scratch apps, you can easily use code blocks to program the ant-like robot, and its open-source Arduino IDE lets you write and upload code to your Antbo.

Antbo Programmable Insect Robot

Furthermore, the programmable robot also comes equipped with touch sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, distance sensor and accelerometer, so he has emotional reactions to different scenarios, and it’s upgradable using different sensor modules including temperature sensor, steam sensor, digital infrared motion sensor and more. Apart from these, the Antbo also collects user data and upload it to cloud, so you can check those key metrics and share the info with your friends.

The Antbo has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $69 to preorder the app-enabled robot. It will be shipped in November this year.

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