Amyko NFC-Enabled Medical and First Aid Wristband

I really wish you’ll have no chance to use the wristband, but in case of emergencies, you may need Amyko medical and first aid wristband to stay around your wrist for quickly getting touch with your relatives.

Amyko NFC-Enabled Medical and First Aid Wristband

The Amyko is a simple and functional NFC-enabled wristband designed to help the wearers to effortlessly contact with their relatives for some critical and emergent situations. The bracelet can store emergency numbers and your medical information including allergies, intolerances, blood type, and etc. When you meet emergency case, you or others can use a smartphone with NFC to tap the wristband, and displaying all stored contacts and medical info on the phone, moreover, if your phone has no NFC chip, you can also directly call the emergency number on the back side of your Amyko, which helps you automatically contact with your family member. In addition, it works as a medical reminder that can notify your family members by SMS to remind you of taking pills. Apart from that, the wristband requires no batteries, and modular design allows you to customize it based on your sense of style.

Amyko NFC-Enabled Medical and First Aid Wristband

The Amyko has been available for preorder. You can pledge $10 to preorder the medial and first aid bracelet on Indiegogo. It will be shipped in November this year.

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