Amadas Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Lock with AES Encryption

Need a more convenient and advanced way to guard your house door? Take a look at Amadas, the Bluetooth-enabled smart lock with AES encryption may be a nice solution.

Amadas Smart Lock with AES Encryption

The Amadas is a well-designed and practical smart lever lock that is compatible with various door types including tubular, Mortise (cylinder), hybrid smart lever and more. The smart lock measures 175mm long, weighs 1.5kg, and as we can see from the images, the Amadas has a simple yet sleek appearance, and its stainless steel casing not only delivers a durable and waterproof construction that prevents condensation from causing the lock to malfunction, but also adds shows off charming metallic luster.

Amadas Smart Lock with AES Encryption

The smart lock uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly communicate with your smartphone, so you can unlock your house door via your phone, and its auto-lock feature even lets you simply swore across the face of the keys to unlock door without taking your phone out of your pocket. Meanwhile, you can also enter your home manually by inputting the unique pin code on the button configuration, and the smart lock allows authorized guests to enter your home by assigning unique guest codes which expire after a set period of time.

Amadas Smart Lock with AES Encryption

Moreover, the smart lock monitors access and exit in real time, and it will alert you as to who and when they enter, while AES encryption ensures secure communication between the lock and your smartphone. The Amadas is powered by two AA batteries that offer 12 months of usage, and it’s equipped with a built-in solar panel that provides emergent energy using your smartphone flashlight.

The crowdfunding campaign for Amadas is ongoing via Kickstarter. You can pledge $189 to preorder the smart lock. It will be shipped in March 2017. BTW, also don’t miss LIME smart lock and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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