All-In-One Portable Toiletries Bag for Busy Men

You always need to trip for various business or personal reasons? Then the all-in-one portable toiletries bag will be a perfect solution for packing your all toiletries.

Concept All-In-One Portable Toiletries Bag

Seung ho Choi, a Korean designer came up with the multi-functional and practical design concept for those who need to carry their toiletries for a business trip or traveling frequently. As we can see from the images, the all-in-one toiletries bag shows off a minimalistic and elegant design, and portable profile not only makes it fit well in your bag, but also allows you to hold it in one hand.

Concept All-In-One Portable Toiletries Bag

The outside of the cylindrical toiletries container can contain six different types of liquids, and every part features an individual pump, so you can conveniently use them without needing to open the lid. All you need to do is rotate the top part of the body so that the exterior hole is placed on the liquid you need and press the button to pump the liquid.

Concept All-In-One Portable Toiletries Bag

Moreover, the empty space in the center can be used to hold your toothbrush, razor and more, meanwhile, the holes on the bottom ensure the water goes out and maintain good ventilation. After the break, check out all the images about the concept all-in-one portable toiletries bag. We really wish it will be available soon.

Concept All-In-One Portable Toiletries Bag

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