Airblock Modular Flying Drone is Programmable and Transformable

The Airblock modular flying drone not only lets you enjoy the fun of flight, but also allows you to build various forms with its multiple modules, and the modular drone is programmable just using its companion app.

Airblock Programmable Modular Flying Drone

The Airblock is an app-enabled, modular flying drone designed to offer a simple way to build your own drone. As we can see from the images, the drone consists of a pentahedral core unit and up to five hollow cup motors. Each modular part features integrated magnets, which allow you to easily assemble or dissemble your drone without the need for any tool. Meanwhile, the modular drone is made of a lightweight, engineered plastic foam for durable and soft construction. The blades of each module are surrounded by the plastic foam frame, so it’s safe to play around kids and for kids to play.

Airblock Programmable Modular Flying Drone

The flying drone features two main modes including hexacopter drone and hovercraft. When it’s in hovercraft mode, your Airblock runs on the flat surface or even over water. Of course, don’t be limited by the two modes. Using its modules, you can easily transform the drone into various forms such as a triangle hovercraft, 360-degree spinner, and you even can use it to propel your LEGO car forward.

Airblock Programmable Modular Flying Drone

Furthermore, the modular drone has no included remote controller. Just connecting it with your smartphone or tablet, you can use the phone or tablet to remotely control the flying drone, ant its graphic interface allows you to easily program your Airblock by dragging code blocks.

The crowdfunding campaign for Airblock is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $99 to own the modular flying drone. It will be shipped in February 2017. Update: the drone has been available on Amazon for $189.99 USD.

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