Acton Blink Lightweight and Portable Electric Skateboard

With its lightweight and portable design, Acton Blink electric skateboard lets you shuttle in the city even when challenging 17-degree slopes. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking.

Acton Blink Electric Skateboard

Appearance design

The Blink is a lightweight and portable electric skateboard that comes in three models including Blink Qu4tro, Blink S2 and Blink S. Based on different specs and sizes, the Qu4tro is the most powerful and longest one among them, while the S model features a more compact and lighter design.

Acton Blink Electric Skateboard

Blink Qu4tro

The electric skateboard measures 34 inches in length and weighs 17 lbs. Its board is made from carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum for lightweight and durable construction.

Acton Blink Electric Skateboard

Blink Qu4tro supports 280 lbs of max weight capacity and it comes equipped with 4 wheel drive electric hub motors, so it can bring you a top speed of 23mph and its rechargeable battery offers 22 miles of riding range.

Blink S2

The eSkateboard measures 31.5 inches long and weighs 12 lbs. The board is built with Canadian maple and aircraft grade aluminum, so it’s durable enough to support 250 lbs of max weight capacity. Its 2 wheel drive hub motors deliver a top speed of 18mph, and 14-mile range range is good for daily commute.

Blink S

It’s the most lightest and electric skateboard among the three models, which measures 27.7 inches long and weighs 10 lbs. Same as S2, it’s crafted from Canadian maple and aircraft grade aluminum for durability and premium feeling, and its built-in one hub motor offers a top speed of 15mph and its 80Wh rechargeable battery offers 7 mile range.

Features with the three models

All three Blink electric skateboards feature a dedicatedly designed remote for handy control, and Qu4tro’s remote doubles as a handle to carry the eboard. Using built-in Bluetooth, each Blink eSkateboard wirelessly communicates with your smartphone, so you can use its custom app to set modes, check mileage, track routes and more.


In addition, integrated LED lights are arranged under both sides, front and rear in order to keep you safe at night, and other features also include water-resistant coating and generative braking system.

Price and shipment date

Acton Blink electric skateboards have been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $1099/$549/$369 to preorder one of them. All models will be shipped in March 2017. BTW, also don’t miss Arc Board electric skateboard and more cool related gadgets by following tags

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