3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone Announced

3D Robotics has announced Solo, an advanced smart drone. With two integrated Linux computers respectively placed on the drone and its controller, the flying drone will bring you excellent flight experience.

3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone

The Solo is a high performance flying drone that perfectly works with your GoPro action camera. The drone features a dedicatedly design 3-axis Solo gimbal for GoPro in order to stabilize the mounted GoPro camera and provide it emergent energy during flight, and its custom Solo app allows you remotely control your GoPro at ranges of up to half a mile and streams live HD video to your smartphone or tablet.

3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone 3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone Announced

With the help of a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 powered Linux computer built in both the quadcopter and the controller, the flying drone can deal with more complex flight and shots, for instant, you can create a smart shot, when you hit play, the flying drone’s computer will control the onboard camera for a perfect shot, and its Orbit and Cable cam modes allows the smart drone fly around a specific location or along a setting path while you can immerse in your aerial shooting or recording. With built-in GPS, Solo also features auto takeoff, land and return home, and using integrated HDMI port on its controller, you can connect it with any HDMI-enabled screen for a large-screen live video stream.

3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone

Solo’s rechargeable battery delivers up to 25 minutes of flight time or up to 20 minutes with GoPro and Solo Gimbal. The smart drone is priced at $1,000 USD ($1,400 USD with Solo Gimbal) and will be available starting in May.

Source: 3D Robotics Via Wired

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