3D Printed Pokeball Ring Box

There is on Pikachu in the 3D printed Pokeball ring box, but as a bug fan of Pokémon, it should be a perfect way to hold your ring.

3D Printed Pokeball Ring Box

This is a beautifully crafted and eye-catching ring box inspired by Pokemon. As shown in the images, the ring holder is shaped as a Pokeball, one of the most symbolic items in the universe of Pokémon, and it features accurate contours and detailing from its original look. Meanwhile, it’s available in multiple optional materials including plastic, steel and brass so that you can choose based on your preference and demands.

The 3D printed pokeball measures 46mm in diameter, and the inner measures 42mm in diameter. With an insert ring holder, the Pokeball keeps your ring hidden in place. An included stand firmly keeps the spherical ring holder firmly standing on any flat surface, while the engraved phrase “I Choose You” complements to the romantic theme.

3D Printed Pokeball Ring Box

The 3D printed pokeball ring box starts from $61.89 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for its more details.

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