Month: August 2012

Bladepad Detachable iPhone Gamepad

The passionate inventors have released some amazing game controllers for iPhone, while our latest finding is Bladepad, a detachable iPhone gamepad. If you’re also curious, let’s go on checking.


Iron Man Mark VII Paper Craft

We introduced Hot Toy’s Iron Man Mark VII collectible figure just last week. But if you prefer making something by yourself, the following Iron Man Mark VII paper craft …

Sanrio Hello Kitty Phone Stand

We have featured many practical and interesting phone stands, but if you prefer cute Hello Kitty, the following Sanrio Hello Kitty phone stand may be able to draw your …

The Golf Club Styled Umbrella

Apparently you can’t use a golf club to keep yourself from rain. But the golf club styled umbrella allows you to enjoy your favorite golf. It you’re curious, let’s …