Month: October 2011


Robot Styled Tea Infuser

As we know, robots can help us do many things, of course, also including making tea. Don’t believe? Let’s go in checking the robot styled tea infuser.

Mykase iPhone 4S Case

BodyGuardz recently released its latest protective case for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. If you want to change the color of your protective case based on your mood, mykase …

Peas Styled USB Hub

We have introduced all kinds of interesting USB hubs. But if you like eating peas, the following peas styled USB hub may be more suitable for you.

ZooGue Genius iPad 2 Case

ZooGue released a very unique iPad 2 case with 3 ring binder several months ago. Now its another protective case takes our attention again. If you’re curious, let’s go …